Floor sanding and polishing BrisbaneGuide on Emerging Floor Sanding Brisbane Trends

For many years now, timber has been a popular flooring option and the trend will continue for many years into the future due to its effectiveness and charm. Unlike other forms of flooring, timber can suit any style of decor whether classic, contemporary or traditional while still adding value to your home. You can also choose from a wide array of timber options and choices that are designed to give your home a personal feel. Furthermore, new timber floor sanding Brisbane trends are emerging to improve the already existing floor sanding and polishing materials and techniques.

While the basics of floor sanding Brisbane are still adhered to, a look into modern homes finishing will look very different from what you are traditionally accustomed to. One area that has been witnessing change is the use of decorative colours. Light coloured timber floors are becoming very common mainly because of their ability to match and look great in any home style with little maintenance. The available options of cooler hues and colours make it possible to accommodate any decor and hence their popularity.

Another trend that is rapidly gaining popularity among allcoastfloors Brisbane home clients is the use of feature decorated timber floor. The floors are no longer minimalistic. You can choose to have patterned flooring with inlaid borders, parquetry, feature panels and two or more species on your floor. Today’s’ timber floor designers are particularly paying attention to detailing and finishes as an ideal way to contrast with other colder elements such as steel and concrete. There is also increased use of exotic timber species.

Another trend that is gaining popularity in Brisbane is the use hand-distressed flooring that uses scraped, gouged, beaten, over-stained, dyed or sanded wood to give your home a magical feel. The use of bamboo flooring is another trend that is rapidly gaining popularity due to its stylish nature and environmental sustainability. It also creates a clean modern finish that is very hard wearing.

The options available in the market today make the natural beauty of timber flooring hard to resist but whenever offered with options, there is always a problem in choosing the best choice for your home flooring. One thing that you should always remember is that different floor sanding and polishing options are perfect for certain situations and hence the need ton understand your home flooring needs and challenges before making your final floor sanding Brisbane.

Guide on choosing the ideal timber floor sanding Brisbane

Timber flooring is stylish and beautiful but it is important to note that some highly polished timber floor options are perfect for homes with less traffic. If you install timber flooring designed for places with less traffic in a home with high traffic, the benefits and beauty will not last as the finish will quickly wear. The other factor that will guide you in your selection is the sub-floor. Some options such as floating timber floors are perfect for timber flooring on a slab or other solid surface.

The other decision that you must make is the type of timber you would like used. You can choose from wide array of choices that range from solid timber floors, engineered timber floors and floating timber floors. Solid timbers floors are made from solid timber that range in thickness as per construction specifications. They are highly durable and can be sanded and refinished multiple times without losing their lustre. Engineered timber floors feature a plank that contains several layers of a single or multiple wood varieties. The ideal type of timber flooring Brisbane will depend on several factors that include:

– Price: It is imperative to note that different types will cost differently and thus, it is good to ask quotation for several timber flooring options.

– Colour: When choosing colour, you should keep in mind that your flooring colour will be the dominant colour in your room and hence the need to choose your colour wisely.

– Suitability: Different options are designed to adapt to different environments and use differently especially traffic.

– Finish: Would you like to have a hard shiny surface or subtle lower sheen floor in your home? Would you prefer smooth or grainy surface? You choose based on your personal preference.

– Moisture: If the moisture content available in your home exceeds that recommended by manufacturer, your floor runs the risk of cupping or warping, which will greatly distort the appearance.

– Grade: Different grades of timber such as select and standard grades have different characteristics that define their suitability and appearance.

– Movement: Wood flooring is very sensitive to changes in moisture content causing it to expand and contract whenever moisture increases and reduces respectively.

How to Maintain the Durability and Appeal on your Timber Floor Sanding Brisbane 

Durability is another factor that must addressed irrespective of the timber you choose. You should note that while there is nothing as stylish and beautiful as freshly laid and polished flooring, longevity of the appeal is a major concern in timber floor sanding Brisbane. Despite the beauty and functionality of timber, you should note that timber is not a stable material. You should understand that timber is naturally susceptible to swelling, warping, twisting and shrinking and thus, care is needed to maintain appeal.

One of the most important tips to ensure that your timber flooring is durable is to choose a highly qualified professional for installation. The professional will be able to choose the most appropriate option depending on your home characteristics and susceptibility to environmental issues such as moisture. Allcoastfloors are highly experienced in Brisbane timber floor installation and will be glad to help you in your Brisbane floor sanding and polishing. A properly laid timber floor in Brisbane can last for generations especially when it is properly maintained and hence the need to choose the best installer.

One of the common timber-flooring challenges is dealing with scratches which are highly common due to susceptibility of timber. To make your flooring last longer, you must protect it from scratches. You can protect it from scratching by regularly sweeping to keep grit and dirt off, placing mats at entry and exit points, installing carpet in timber hallways and installing rugs in areas with high traffic. Placing mats at entry points helps to reduce grit and dust, which is the major cause of scratches from entering the house. You should also ensure that your flooring is protected from direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause your timber flooring to cup and its finish to change overtime. You can protect your floor sanding and polishing from direct sunlight by using curtains and blinds. 

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