Timber floor cleaning guide

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All Coast Floors recommends you take care of your floor to ensure its longevity. Cleaning with harsh chemicals will damage your floor.

  • Aquacare Floor Clean is a safe to use, ammonia free detergent for regular cleaning of floors finished with Polycure coating systems.
  • Aquacare Revive is an easy to apply, quick drying high wax content polish. Aquacare Revive is designed to rejuvenate and protect floors in between periodic re-coats with an Aquapro or other Polycure coating system. Aquacare Revive provides a durable finish with excellent scuff and black heel mark resistance.
  • In commercial environments Aquacare revive may be mechanically buffed.
  • Polycure floor coatings are quality, hard waring, tough coatings that have been designed to give excellent durability. Like all quality products the durability is dependent upon the proper care and maintenance.
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