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As we all know, timber is a natural resource but its appearance can changed based on a number of factors. Some of these factors include the flooring quality, the immediate environment, level of contractor expertise, it’s installation among others. Having all these in your mind, you can consult us as All Coast Floors to guide you and advise you on any floor sanding issue. As professional contractors, we ensure that we maintain the timber’s original quality appearance on a condition that it’s maintained and well taken care of all through its life.

Prior to offering any of our services to any customer, we take time to inform our clients what they should expect and what not to expect from their timber. This is important as it prepares the clients on the results of our services to their timber floor. We make it our duty to inform you of what is not going to happen to your timber before you order our distinguished floor sanding and polishing Brisbane services. This is because the pre- existing natural defects, variations or problems always determine the final look.

Having being in this industry for more than 20 years, customers have made us their choice confidently for all floor sanding and polishing Brisbane. This is because with this kind of experience, we have definitely gained a lot of skills and knowledge in our area of expertise.

We highly recommend to our esteemed customers that the timber flooring style chosen should definitely suit their lifestyle. This is based on various considerations which include;

  • Your local environment, whether humid, coastal, inland, cold among others
  • Installation- use a professional contractor
  • Timber quality and conditioning
  • Sanding and preparation, before and between coats
  • Coating application techniques and system integrity

We offer great advice to our customers on any particulars related to floor sanding Brisbane.

Since using timber as a natural product to floor is influenced by the environment locally, we take time to prepare the floor correctly as this determines the final floor quality. All you need to do is confirm all your requirements to us. After that we inspect whether flooring involved is properly acclimatized and of suitable quality to its intended environment. Before floor sanding and polishing, we ensure that any other building maintenance is complete. This is because unless the activities are properly and carefully managed, they will affect the appearance of the floor causing coating defects which are expensive to correct. Floor sanding and polishing requires some time to completely heal and become ready to be stepped on. This we recommend to ensure that the floor project has reached its full potential and that it becomes successful. This partly exposes how experienced and skillful we are which in turn allows us to offer the best floor sanding and polishing Brisbane.

During the preparation of the flooring site, we get rid of any obstacle, seal any draught points, clean dust, disconnect any electric appliances or even gas, cover curtains and seal air vents. We also request the client to put food in airtight containers for hygiene’s sake. During this moment we recommend that the owner should arrange for alternate accommodation in order to give time for the floor to dry and also to avoid inhaling unpleasant odors all through the drying time since it is unhealthy. As a result, the floor becomes beautiful and hard wearing which makes it durable. This is why we are known to be the best company in floor sanding Brisbane. A home is among the assets that are highly valued by a family or any individual and we take advantage of this, to make it even more valuable by timber flooring it.

Timber harmonizes the entire building either outside or inside. Timber also brings the essence of charm and warmth bringing a cozy atmosphere. To achieve quality timber floor sanding you need a qualified and certified team to do the entire work. This is why we as All Coast Floors, only recruit a distinguished group of experts to work with us for our great customers. For quite a long time, we have managed to win the confidence of many people as we provide the highest standards of timber floor sanding and polishing Brisbane. Today we are recognized as having all the authority for any floor sanding in Brisbane. Our team of floor polishers and floor sanders experts offer competitive prices for our professional services to ensure that the services are affordable to any potential and existing client.

We have our customer service attendants coupled by proficient artisans and tradesmen who are indiscriminative, friendly and helpful. Our staffs are equipped with all the qualities that are needed by the customers to give exceptional services keeping us a step ahead of all companies in our industry. We ensure that we accommodate all the desires and requirements of every customer. We involve our clients in every step of our undertakings to ensure that there is a collaborative effort between the professional team members and the customers.

In cases where we are dealing with a new installation rather than repair and maintenance, we involve our flooring contractor who happily presents all available textures and colors to our customer. Once the client makes his decision and chooses his favorite color and texture, the contractor answers any question and clarifies any concerns or doubts regarding the installation. The cost is then explained to the customer and a deal is made. Later instructions are given on how to take care of the new floor by the client after installation.

For any person who wants to get into contact with us, we are just a phone call away. Your call will be answered as efficiently as possible and you will be attended to till you are fully satisfied. All your apprehensions and worries will be sorted out by Ken and any questions will be answered fully regarding our elite services. Whenever it is about floor sanding and polishing Brisbane, do not hesitate to call All Coast Floors as we take care of everything. We are always at your service, to help you achieve the look in your house that you have always desired.

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