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Your professional choice for floor sanding and polishing in Brisbane area is the company called All Coast Floors. They provide services to the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Ipswich areas. The Australian owned and managed firm has more than 20 years of experience in the market of floor sanding and finishing. They strive to provide a professional result every time.

Timber has become a popular choice lately, because it is one of the most attractive natural building materials. With its beauty and warmth, timer is able to enhance any design, in any environment. Among the most popular uses of timber is rejuvenating an old floor or installing a new timber floor. This can make a beautiful and elegant addition to any home or commercial building. However, it is important to achieve the right timber floor finish, because this can either break or make your final look. All Coast Floors employs skilled and experienced specialists in timber floor sanding in Brisbane.

From the first quote to the floor finish, they will pay attention to every detail in order to ensure the best results. Over 20 years of experience that guarantees the best floor sanding and polishing skills are put to good use. The proof is found in numerous testimonials and reviews of very satisfied customers. All Coast Floors gets most of their orders from happy customer referrals.With them you can make your home to look great.

Timber floor sanding in Brisbane

Timber flooring makes a wise investment in both health terms and monetary terms. Timber floors can provide a more hygienic and cleaner living environment, while lasting up to ten times longer than carpet floor covering. Timber flooring is highly recommended for allergies or asthma sufferers. A timber floor from All Coast Floors is not only a stylish decorative choice, it is also a lifestyle.

A timber floor adds value, atmosphere and character in both commercial and domestic environments, but only if it is done right from the first time. However, in case that you are not satisfied with another contractors’ work or you have tried to do it yourself, All Coast Floors can help you get your project back on track. With their great attention to even the smallest detail and the quality workmanship guaranteed by years of experience, All Coast Floors can make your new floor shine to its true potential or bring new life into any old and tired floor.

Whether you the prefer single/two pack gloss polyurethanes, mirror finish, low Sheen of Tung Oil, or rich natural shine of a subdued gloss polyurethane finish, All Coast Floors will find the right coating formula to beautify and protect your valuable asset.

Floor sanding in Brisbane with All Coast Floors guarantees the best quality job. However, the final appearance of a timber floor can vary, as timber is a natural substance. These variations are due to several factors, including the level of contractor expertise, quality of the flooring, immediate environment, and installation quality. A professional flooring contractor such as All Coast Floors can discuss with you all these various factors in order to give you a good idea on what you can expect. Good advice from your flooring contractor is important before starting your renovation project. All Coast Floors is a reputable firm that is recognized by the Timber and Flooring Association.

In timber flooring the end joints, nails to be punched, knots and parquetry to be filled should be executed at high quality in order to achieve the best results. The floor finish should not contain any evident imperfections. If timber flooring is damaged from stains, abuse, scratches, or borer, a coat of polyurethane will not be enough to correct the problem and you may need have the to restore the floor. All Coast Floors will take care to execute a finish that retains its original quality appearance as long as it is properly maintained and cared for throughout its lifetime.

All Coast Floors is the best choice in Brisbane and neighboring areas. You can make this choice with confidence, considering they have over 20 years of experience on the market. If you plan the renovation of an existing floor or the installation of a feature timber floor, the specialists at All Coast Floors will help you ensure that you choose the best style of timber flooring suitable for your lifestyle. This depends on various factors such as:

  • Installation – use only an experienced flooring contractor such as All Coast Floors
  • Your local environment (cold, hot, humid, dry, inland, coastal)
  • Timber quality, acclimatization and conditioning
  • System integrity and coating application techniques
  • Coating finish and suitability
  • Preparation and sanding, prior to and between coats
  • Use only of superior coating products

All Coast Floors can give you the best advice on any timber flooring finishing for all the Brisbane suburbs.

Because timber flooring, as a natural product, is influenced by its local environment you can ensure the best quality of the floor and its finish by the correct preparation process. However, you need to confirm your expectations and requirements with your contractor. All Coast Floors will ensure that the flooring involved is properly acclimatized to its intended environment and of suitable quality. The end result will be a long lasting and beautiful timber floor.

Timber deck restoration

All Coast Floors can also help you with timber deck restoration. Today decking makes a popular design and lifestyle choice for outdoor spaces. A well designed deck can enhance and expand any living area into the outdoors by providing a natural extension of your interior living space. However, over time your deck will eventually start to look unattractive because the material gets tired by wear and tear.

The company All Coast Floors can help you bring your deck back to life with their sanding and coating rejuvenation technique. For this deck rejuvenation process, the company recommends and uses Intergrain Ultra Deck. This technologically advanced water based decking oil is designed for performance. The Intergrain Ultra Deck penetrating oil can significantly outlast other conventional oils in terms of resistance to abrasion, water, and UV.

UltraDeck will give your timber a very natural looking finish that also protects your material by repealing dust and dirt and keeping it clean. UltraDeck has also fungus and mould resistant properties that naturally enhance the characteristics of the timber grain and protect it from the risks of peeling, blistering, and cracking. UltraDeck is fast drying, easy to wash up with water, and has extremely low odour. The oil allows applying two coats in one day. In order to highlight the character of your timber, the UltraDeck is available in a wide range of colour choices.

Choose All Coast Floors for all your floor sanding and polishing jobs and timber floor sanding in Brisbane.

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