Timber floors sanded and polished in Brisbane

In building one’s home or establishment one of the most important things to consider are the floors. Making sure that the very floors you will walking in are the best kind possible for the place you invested in. In deciding on one of the foundations of your home or establishment, the floors are considered to be something that should be decided with utmost care and consideration. Choosing the right people to do just that are a no brainer. Armed with over 20 years of experience in floor sanding and finishing, All Coast Floors delivers a professional and satisfaction guaranteed service every time. All Coast Floors delivers services to Ipswich, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


All Coast Floors are one of the most respected flooring companies in Australia to date. They have been producing exquisite work with the floors they have done, over the years people have been giving positive feedbacks to All Coast Floors. As stated by many consumers, All Coast Floors are the experts when it comes to the Floor Sanding Business. May it be the interior or exterior part of the house or establishment, All Coast Floors will make sure that your timber will be used in the best and most amazing way. Not only does the quality of work speak of consumers’ high regard to All Coast Floors but their excellent customer service has been praised many times. Highly competitive and professional people are behind this celebrated company. They treat each costumer with the highest respect and deliver nothing but the best service one can give. With All Coast Floors you are always confident that you have the best of the best.


For countless years there have been many trends regarding floor options. And many consumers have been sipped into trends that in the long run have been more expensive than expected. Though in spite of the ongoing trends, Timber has always been a popular flooring option this is mainly because of it being efficient, effective and resilient. Timber can adapt to anything and it always gives that charm that is undeniably a top choice amongst flooring options. Though timber is a top choice for the majority of home builders, handling the whole process of flooring is no easy feat because with All Coast Floors that was never a problem. Handling timber has been their expertise ever since everything there is to know they can answer. With All Coast Floors and Timber nothing can go wrong.


All Coast Floors offer a variety of excellent services. Floor Sanding, Floor Polishing, Floor Finishing, Floor Coating and Floor Care. Whether you are constructing, renovating or simply just want to do something new, All Coast Floors is to company for you. Below is a brief overview of the different services All Coast Floors has to offer.


Floor Sanding and Polishing is relatively important for the longevity of your floor and to increase its durability and with timber which is a natural substance the final appearance will depend on many factors such as the environment, the quality of the flooring and the way it was handled and installed. With All Coast Floors, floor sanding and polishing should not be something to worry about. You will be ensured that your floors will be handled with high regard and will be given the highest priority possible. Your contractors are experts in this field and will be able to discuss every aspect you need to know about Floor Sanding and Polishing. Being specific is recommended as to be sure that nothing will be left unturned. Once you have decided on the specifics you have in mind, All Coast Floors will also graciously advice you points to consider that will help you to ultimately decide on the final plan. Time allotted for a specific project will depend on the range of the work, but rest assured everything will be followed and finished on what was originally agreed upon.

All Coast Floors also has Floor Coatings and Timber Floor finishes which depending on your needs. Floor coating is essential to make your floors always look new and give it extra protection from external objects that can damage your floors. All Coast Floors offers three (3) kinds of products used for coatings and finishes. The Solvent Based Products that are fast curing and generally provide good abrasion and chemical resistance. It has a strong odour upon application, it darkens with age and floors are ready to use two (2) to three (3) days upon completion. Water Based Products, provides a clean finish and minimal odour. It is easy to clean up and can be re-coated after two (2) hours upon initial application. It also gives a more natural look to your floors. It doesn’t darken too much upon aging and it’s ready to use two (2) days upon completion. Oil Based Alkyds and Composite Products, are products that leaves a more amber glow to your floors and require fewer coats, it has a moderate to strong odour upon application and it darkens with age. It’s usually ready to use two (2) to five (5) days upon completion. With these three options, All Coast Floors guarantees experienced people who have been using these products and who are in the know about everything that are needed to ensure the best possible coating and finishing best suited for your floors.


After everything you have done to warrant the quality of your floors. All Coast Floors also offers Floor Care methods to properly care for your timber floors. Cleaning your floors with substances that are readily available in the market doesn’t guarantee that it’s good for it. . To avoid any damage, you should use a safe, ammonia free detergent for your regular cleaning. With that All Coast Floors recommends you to use Aqua care Floor clean. Add to that a product named Aqua care Revive, which is designed to revitalize and protect floors, with this, your floors will surely be well maintained and will look new for years and years to come.