Beautiful polished timber floors
All Coast Floors makes its services available to areas such as Ipswich and greater Brisbane. With more than 20 years of experience, All Coast Floors can guarantee expert results in timber floor sanding and finishing each and every time.

All Coast Floors specializes in the installation and repair of timber flooring. Anyone looking to restore the dull and aging looks of their present timber flooring should know that timber is a very strong and sturdy material. Just because the flooring looks old and ragged does not necessarily mean that the entire timber flooring needs to be replaced. Instead, it may be able to be revived by bringing the original shine back to life, without replacing the entire floor. Many timber floor owners are unaware that even though the appearance of their floors is old and dusty, the actual floors, meaning the timber itself, are usually in great shape. Timber can withstand years of neglect and still come back to life with a simple shine up.

Timber is one of the most beautiful and durable building materials available today. The look of a polished timber floor can boost the elegance of any room. It can create a warm and homey feeling at a fraction less than the cost of replacing the entire floor completely. Customers can rest easy knowing that they do not have to spend their entire retirement saving on refinishing or replacing their timber floors.

All Coast Floors is not only able to ensure a beautiful, refreshing look for any room at competitive prices, but they are also able to provide a variety of shades for customers to choose from. The experts at All Coast Floors can match shades of existing polish in order to enhance the original flooring, or they can add a different shade to change the appearance of the timber flooring altogether. All it takes is a simple request from the customer.

Customers are encouraged to be involved in every step of the process. Once one of the professionals at All Coast Floors has assessed the current stage of the floors and provided their recommendations, the customer simply needs to tell the professionals how they want the new timber floor to look and they will handle everything from there.

Competitive prices, superb customer service, excellent selections, and superior expertise are all of the great qualities that All Coast Floors and their 20 years of experience can offer to anyone looking to revitalize the look of their timber flooring or replace it, if needed. A simple phone call can get the process started. The experts at All Coast Floors can answer any questions that may arise before, during and after the repair or installation of the new timber flooring.

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