floor sander ipswichTimber Floor Sanding and Polishing in Ipswich:
Getting the Most Reliable Company to do the Work.

In most old homes or establishments, timber floors are more used compared to contemporary buildings these days which use tiles as floorings. The previous actually adds a more relaxing feel to the overall ambience of the place and that is probably why some still prefer to keep their floorings that way. There is no doubt to the lovely and homey appearance it gives to the structure, the problem is keeping it clean and polished to maintain its shiny appearance.

Every home owner or office renter would love to have sparkling, clean floors and if the flooring is made out of timber wood, there will really come a time that it would lose its gloss. In order to bring back its luster, a little sanding and polishing would help. But if the overall flooring needs to have its shiny appearance back, getting help from an Ipswich floor sander is definitely a great idea.

Sanding the Floor

Why do timber floors require sanding instead of just polishing it immediately?

In most cases, timber floorings are coated which makes up the polishing process. In order to achieve better, polished flooring, one must remove the old coatings first. This will avoid imbalanced flooring once coating is done. Aside from that, there are certain imperfections that need to be removed from old floors before the polishing process is done:


It is always normal that floors get stains from animal urines, or even from water stains. The latter happens when the spill is not wiped out and had stayed on the floor for an extended period of time. What happens normally is that, it leaves a white mark on the floor which can be somewhat impossible to remove anymore. Some common stains also include rust stains from the head of the nails and even burns on the floor due to accidents.

Sanding will even out the colors of the floor especially in those parts where the stains are present.

Cuts and Scratches

If a part of the house or office used carpets, cuts from utility knives can never be avoided. It happens when one needs to cut the size of the carpet just to fit it in the area where it needs to be placed. When cuts and scratches are present, moisture will penetrate into the timber; thus causing the part to acquire discoloration even after sanding and polishing.

Sanding here helps even out and smoothen the surface of the floor so when coating is applied, there will be no rugged areas although a darker color will still be visible to the portion of the floor where cut or scratches were once present.

Uneven floor colors when removing long-time furniture

The length of time as to when certain furniture is moved from its original place to another contributes to an uneven floor color. Of course, if for example, a cabinet is placed in one corner for a longer period of time, when the time comes that one needs to transfer or remove it, the color of the floor where it is standing will always look newer than the rest of the flooring.

In this case, sanding helps in balancing the color of that part of the floor so it blends with the rest of the flooring. It will remove the coating evenly so when a new polish is applied, the floor color will look exactly the same and balanced.

Floor Coating and Polishing

After the sanding process is done, coating the floor is the next step. This will help protect the wooden floor from immediate dullness and damage caused by termites or borers. When the coating applied is already dry, polishing then follows.

Polishing will give timber floors the ultimate sheen it gets that everybody will appreciate and love. It will give the floor a clean and shiny look that will last for a long period of time. Even on old floorings, when proper sanding and polishing is done, visitors might mistake the floors as newly installed ones.

Requirements on Doing Both of the Process

Remember that before starting the project on renovating your flooring, you may need to make the place available for an entire week or so. This will give an ample time for the workers to do the needed refurbishment on the timber floors of the entire house. But actually, the time needed to finish the task depends on the kind of requirements given to the sanding and polishing experts. As for the coating requirements, one can choose from either oil or wax. Each has its own advantage and the price varies on the effectiveness of the coating product chosen.

For whatever floor requirements an office or a home has, may it be to simply bring back the once shiny wooden floors or to refurbish the floorings totally, there will always be professional agencies to do the work no matter how small or big the project is. For effective work done on these processes, utilising the aid of experts on floor sanding and polishing in Ipswich is a good idea. One has to keep in mind that both of the processes require ample time, tools or equipment, as well as knowledge in order to achieve great results.

In Hiring the Best Company to do Floor Sanding and Polishing there will always be a number of companies that can offer timber floor sanding and polishing these days. Most can be found in the internet, while others one can get from word of mouth.

In choosing the best service provider on this, individuals must be fully aware of the company’s experience, skills and expertise. One can measure experience through the number of years the company has been in the business. Their expertise and skills are evident on the quality of work they provide to their clients. Checking the work quality can be done through examining the client testimonials page, if ever the service provider has their website. The more positive, genuine feedback they have, the better company they are to entrust the work to.

Clients must also check on warranties and insurance terms and conditions that the company offers. This is essential as these are things that will guarantee the customers in case they become displeased with the work.

In finding a credible floor sander that does professional floor sanding and polishing, or timber floor sanding in Ipswich, one must consider the above-mentioned factors. This will ensure one’s money will be well spent on the project and that there will be no room for regrets.

Because your timber floor deserves the best!

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